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Adjust Servings:
1/2 English Cucumber
1 pack (250 g) Cherry tomatoes
1 large Fennel bulb
2 cups Rocket salad
1 pack Tempeh
1/4 cup Olive oil
3 tablespoon red wine Vinegar
To taste Salt and pepper
2 slices home-made gluten-free Bread You can use any type of bread, better if rustic
A handful fresh Basil
1 tablespoon Basil paste

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  • Gluten-Free
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Low FODMAP

This panzanella salad is a humble dish with a great flavour. Use it as a filler at parties or in a dinner with guests, or enjoy it as a full meal when you don't have time to cook: it will always be great!

  • 15 minutes
  • Serves 4
  • Easy




Panzanella is a popular salad from the peasant tradition of Tuscany. It uses vegetables and stale bread seasoned in olive oil and red wine vinegar for a filling and satisfying meal. Despite its humble origins, it’s absolutely mouthwatering! Panzanella can be used as a side dish or as a full meal. Here I have prepared a basic version with the addition of grilled tempeh. The basic ingredients for panzanella are fennel bulbs, tomatoes, red onion, and cucumber. You can add other greens and vegetables of your choice and omit the tempeh if preferred. Typical additions would be green olives, celery, rocket salad or spinach, carrots and turnip. The flavours of panzanella should be refreshing with a bit of a zing, and its texture should be crunchy.

To prepare panzanella, slice and dice the vegetables and transfer them to a large salad bowl. Season with salt and pepper, olive oil, and red wine vinegar. Then, cook the tempeh and transfer to the bowl. If you have fresh bread, toast it, dice it, and add it to the salad. Finally, add a handful fresh basil leaves and (if desired) some basil paste. Mix well, and serve!

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8 minutes

Slice and dice

Rinse all the vegetables. Peel the cucumber skin with a potato peeler, then dice it into irregular chunks. Halve the cherry (or plum) tomatoes. Halve the fennel, cut off the top leaves, and remove the outer layers. Then, slice it thinly. Thinly chop the rocket salad and the fresh basil leaves. Finally, dice the tempeh, slice two pieces of bread and toast them.

5 minutes

Cook the tempeh

Brush the grilling pan with a little olive oil, heat it and transfer the tempeh to the grill. Grill if for a few minutes on both sides, then take off the heat and transfer to the salad bowl.

2 minutes

Mix and serve

Season the salad with salt, pepper, the rest of the olive oil, and vinegar. Mix well, then dice the toasted bread and the basil paste (if used), and mix again. Transfer to the serving bowls and top with some more fresh basil. Your panzanella is ready!


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