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Vegan “chicken” with peppers and polenta

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Vegan “chicken” with peppers and polenta

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Adjust Servings:
4 reds and/or yellow Sweet bell peppers
2 large Tomato
2 tablespoons Olive oil
1 teaspoon Garlic paste
1 tablespoon Dried onion
To taste Salt and pepper
1 teaspoon Vegetable powder
1 cup Tomato sauce
1 teaspoon Maple syrup
1 tablespoon Thyme
1 pack Vegan chicken
For the polenta:
1 cup Polenta corn grits
2 cups Water
1 tablespoon Vegetable butter
1/3 cup (optional) Oat milk
1 tablespoon (optional) Nutritional yeast
1 pinch Sea salt

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  • Gluten-Free
  • Kid-Friendly
  • Low FODMAP
  • Low-Carb
  • Low-Fat

This flavourful stew brings a fragrant scent of thyme to your table. It's inspired to an Italian dish that is traditionally accompanied with firm or creamy polenta.

  • 50 minutes
  • Serves 6
  • Easy


  • For the polenta:



Chicken with peppers and polenta is a popular stew in different regions of Italy. It can be prepared almost unattended, and it’s a great dish for the entire family.

Fresh sweet bell peppers, tofu, and tomatoes are cooked over low heat in a little olive oil with garlic, onion, and thyme, and a little tomato sauce. It requires 45 minutes cooking, or you can choose to cook for 30 minutes and then finish off the cooking in the oven for 10 minutes.

For the peppers, use red and yellow: they will provide a nice and sweet flavour to the stew. I like to prepare this dish with Shefu tofu for its texture, which makes this vegan version of the stew very similar to the original dish. However, you can use any type of “chicken” pieces you prefer, or even plain extra-firm tofu. The tofu will absorb all the flavours and the fragrance of the herbs.

During the last 15 minutes cooking, the final step is preparing the polenta to accompany the stew with. Here, I chose corn grits rather than the creamy cornmeal, as it is more similar to the Italian style polenta we use in my hometown. Corn grits will give you a firmer texture, so you can just scoop your polenta out of the pot in a firm lump or even shape it with cookie cutter molds. And, you have leftovers, you can simply cut it into cubes or sticks and fry them or bake them (but this is another story).

You can use what you like the most. The bottom line is that the combination of this pepper stew and polenta works very well together!


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5 minutes

Slice and dice

Rinse well your sweet bell peppers and tomatoes. Slice the peppers into strips and dice the tomatoes.

30 minutes

Cook the stew

Heat the olive oil in a large cocotte. Add the thyme, garlic paste, salt, and pepper. When it starts to sizzle, add the diced vegetables, and the dried onion. Stir, and sprinkle with vegetable powder. Stir again, add the vegan chicken, maple syrup, and the tomato sauce. Give it a final stir, then cover with a lid and set the heat to low. Cook for 30 minutes or - if you don't wish to bake - take off the lid after 30 minutes, cook for additional 15 minutes, and skip the next step.

10 minutes


Take the lid off the cocotte and transfer to a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 10 minutes.

10 minutes

Prepare the polenta

While your stew is at the final stages of cooking, prepare the polenta. Put all the ingredients for the polenta (except for the cornmeal or the polenta grits) in a sauce pot and heat, constantly stirring. Gradually add the cornmeal, gently stirring with a whisk. Continue to stir until the polenta thickens and starts to boil. Cook for another 5 minutes, then take off the heat. Take the stew out of the oven or off the heat, as well.



Transfer a couple of large scoops of polenta to the serving plates and top with the stew. Enjoy hot!


I'm an IT professional with a background in journalism. Creating blogs with WordPress is a hobby and a passion of mine. Vegetarian since 2010, vegan since 2012, when I met Jeff I tempted his taste buds with my cooking and it's been love ever since.

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